Wednesday, 26 August 2009

a bit of everything...

This new colourway has just been added to the shop. It is called Rustic - I was playing with different blends of colours and I love the way it has turned out.

Another pair of scrappy crops. I love doing scrap!

And this is a revamped version of the skirt and leggings I showed off a few days ago.

I have a hat to finish tonight and then I'm going to be working on a few new things.....


  1. Ali those scrappy crops are GORGEOUS... are they already bespoken for? Clemmie x

  2. Oh i'm loving all three, but the yarn is especially gorgeous.

  3. oooh Ali well done you! Those wool colours are scrummy! and those scrappies are gorgeous!!

  4. The scrappies are gorgeous!!! That wool looks fab too!!