Monday, 19 October 2009

Finished off Pinks and Purple longies
Ocean longies - I made these for last year's BBM, but their owner has grown, so I've added some extra length to the legs and added a lacy cuff.
Elvira longies, made with my customer's Babylonglegs wool
Silver Rose - 200g of BFL double-knit on it's way into the shop
Some wool for the next few customs
More 50g skeins (violet rainbow on organic merino aran, heathered ice on BFL DK, grey merino aran, berries BFL dk)
85g Midnight on BFL DK

1 comment:

  1. Ali, I absolutely adore my Elvria longies, they've stripped up amazingly well and the colours just look fantastic. Thank you so much for knitting it up for us :)

    PS: The yarns are gorgeous too, love the Silver Rose, just wish I had a girl to put in it!